About Starkey International

militaryStarkeyMary Louise Starkey
began Starkey & Associates, Inc. in January 1981, offering housekeeping and placement services. In November 1989, Mary Starkey created Starkey International Institute for Household Management in response to marketplace requests for trained and skilled professionals. Since its first class offering in January of 1990, the Institute has benefited from the presence of old-world European and American Butlers, experienced service professionals, and Household and Estate Managers from the United States and abroad.

The Starkey Curriculum teaches private service expertise; and an organizational structure which supports the management of complex homes and lifestyles. The curriculum is creative, interactive, and transformational in style and is a method of conceptual and hands-on education that teaches the Household Manager and Personal Assistant to identify and attend to the specific needs or Service Standards of the Principal and household.


MrsStarkeyEnlistedAidesThe Private Service Management profession in America is in its adolescence but growing rapidly. Our response from the marketplace assures us that we are in the midst of a service explosion and the need for Private Service Management and service experts will continue to grow. It is essential that Private Service Management emerges into the American marketplace as a clearly defined, skilled, and respected profession. The future of this specialized Service Management offers the coveted revitalization of graciousness, etiquette, and a Service Expertise in the heart of fine homes and estates across the United States.

The success of the Starkey International Institute is based on the commitment to redefine the time-honored service profession in terms of the modern, upscale American service and quality-of-life expectations.

“Create and serve a world-class Private Service industry in which Estate Management, Household Management, the Personal Assistant, Butlering, and Private Chef Service are viewed as art forms, where continuing education and growth are valued and standards of professionalism are recognized, honored, and fortified.”


Unrivaled for over 35 Years

Starkey International Institute for Household ManagementConsidered the Harvard of Private Service Education, Starkey International is now celebrating its 30th year.   Mrs. Starkey began in 1981 by coining the title Household Manager.  She has worked diligently her entire career to help create service as a profession; thus, Household Service Management.  She brought agencies, international schools, veteran Estate Managers, Butlers, and Military Enlisted Aides together for 10 years at Restoring the Art (RTA) conferences to help grow the industry.  RTA has also become Starkey’s Student Financial Assistance 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.  We are proud that our student financing has experienced only a 2% default rate.

Today we are considered a highly sophisticated Service Management education corporation teaching the art form of Private Service.  We are a state-approved vocational institute.  We are also a seasoned Placement Corporation, placing our new and veteran Service Graduates with a 90% success rate.  Our Publishing Company has penned five Service Management Publications for our Students and our Employer Clientele, along with our state of the art HQ Service Management Software.  We house Starkey in a classical and registered historical mansion, built in 1901. This 13,000 square foot high-end private residence is where students are invited to reside while in training and where we conduct our Service Management Programs.